Announcement: Advantage Coupons

Need to get those pesky fleas and lice off your pet? Advantage II is the product for you. But we want to make sure you save as much as possible with your purchase so…

The Best Advantage Coupons:

You can find an advantage coupon for a few different stores to key is finding the store with the lowest prices combined with the best coupon. That is what we have done for you above. PetcareRX has the best advantage coupon code at #10 off, but often times Petmeds is cheaper to start with. Take a look at both and get the best deal for you.

A little more about Advantage II

Advantage II will not only kill fleas but prevent them as well. And Advantage does more than kills just the fleas, but it targets the adults, larvae and eggs. Lice is not safe either, Advantage II will kill and control lice on dogs as well. If your dog has ticks then get Preventic Tick Collar along with Advantage II (dogs only). Advantage alone will not kill ticks.

It is important that you use Advantage II for Dogs 7 weeks or older and Cats that are 8 weeks or older.

Check out the list of benefits for your dog or cat:

  • Within 12 hours fleas will be killed.
  • Kills fleas at every stage of life.
  • Will help a lice problem in dogs only.
  • Extremely easy to use and safe for your pet.
  • Your pet can get wet because Advantage is waterproof.

Get it and save at the same time.
So if you need to pick this up for your pet remember to use an Advantage II coupon code to help ease the cost a little. Save your pet and Save a little for you!

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