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Awesome Offerings at Marriott Hotels for Pets

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Marriott is no doubt the global leader where hospitality is concerned. For pet owners, having this hospitality extended to their furry friends is critical. The good news is that many brands under the Marriott stable have pet friendly policies. Being able to provide your pet that comfortable stay without exorbitant fees is indeed the best case scenario. Marriott Hotels and Resorts offer both dog and cat friendly services with pet offerings varying from location to location.

Courtyard by Marriott

This is a Marriott brand that is dedicated to giving your pet that first-class experience. Courtyard by Marriott knows only too well that your pet’s happiness will be your happiness. In this regard, the hotel seeks to provide your dog or cat with high quality services just like you. This hotel goes ahead to guarantee that you and your pet will indeed have the most wonderful time. The pet policies here differ from property to property. In Gettysburg, Pennsylvania for example, your dog will get a superior treatment with up to two dogs allowed. They also have pet waste stations of up to 100 acres. The pet fee per stay is $30.

Happy Dog at a Marriott Hotel

TownPlace Suites by Marriott

This is yet another Marriott hotel that offers pet friendly amenities. For every stay, you will receive the needed cleaning service with a fee of $35. Cats and dogs of small to medium sizes are allowed at the hotels. For every room, only a maximum of two pets are allowed. According to the pet policy here, the pet should always be kept on a leash when exploring the public areas of the hotel. However, pools, restaurants, meeting rooms and health clubs are out of bounds for pets.

Fairfield Inn

The pet policy here features a non-refundable fee of $75 to 100 for every stay. Only dogs are allowed at this Marriott hotel. Some of the policies will differ from location to location. All in all, you can expect your dog to have a first-class treatment to enjoy the best of hospitality at the hotel.

Residence Inn

This is yet another brand that is friendly to your pet. Dogs are allowed at the luxury suites and will be very comfortable here. The suites at Residence Inns come with full kitchens and to this end, your pets can enjoy a homely feel with great distinction. Here, you get full value for your money even when it comes to the comfort of your precious pets.

SpringHill Suites

This Marriott hotel is known for its pet friendly policies. Launched in 1998, there are a total of 21 properties that are friendly to pets. It is an excellent place for your pets. This is because there is enough room to ensure play and comfort. The pet fees are varied regarding locations. Also, the weight limits can be checked for the particular hotel you want to visit. Top in their amenities are pet friendly locations and services. At Anaheim Resort for example, your dog will get a pet walk area to get their blood flowing. Also, as they check in, they will receive a free welcome treat. Per stay, you will pay a fee of $75 and you can only bring one dog of up to 40 pounds for every room. Luckily, there are dog parks and walking paths not to mention pet stores nearby.

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In Conclusion

Enjoy your stay at your pet friendly Marriott hotel! They always are on the top of our list not only because of how friendly and accommodating they are to our four legged friends, but for us as well. Comfortable beds, great service, cleanliness of the rooms are just of the few spectacular things you can find at any Marriott brand of hotel.

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